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We've heard your story before...

...and profected it.

Its not our fault you look the way you do.
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

The Lovely MODS:

Joining Members:

Post app. within 12 hours of joining.
Do not put your app. under Rich Text. We won't vote on you, because you smell.
Don't comment or vote on anyone until you are accepted.
If your rejected don't delete you app, you'll get yourself banned.
Don't fight with the members or the MODS . We are the gods. You love us. :o)
In the subject line of your app. write " UNTIL THE DAY I DIE " and at the end of your app write "I SPILL MY HEART FOR YOU." so we know you read the rules.


Be as honest as you need to be. NO undecided. Go with your gut.
Respect the MODS
Follow up on the themes, and do not be dumb about it.
ALL PROMOS MUST BE UNDER AN LJ CUT OR ELSE IT WILL BE DELETED, also if you promote in my this community you must leave a link to a community where you newly promoted in. It's fair.
Post pictures, poems, whatever.
Tell us you love us. :o)


This is the Application. You must fill it out within 12 hours of joining. Don't be a fag and delete it f your rejected. You'll get your ass banned. Fill it out and DO NOT put it under Rich Text. You will get an automatic no for not reading the rules and not reading this.